Hello and welcome to my blog! I’ve never done anything like this before, and in all honesty I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing but I thought I’d give it a bash anyway.

My name is Laura and I currently study Biological Sciences at the University of Exeter. I love my degree, but decided pretty early on in the course that it was not something I’d like to do forever, but more of a foundation for me to build a career in something else. In all honesty, I wasn’t entirely sure what that career might be until a few months ago. I discovered through my voluntary work at the local hospice that I’d like to be in a patient focused job, but that the emotional demands of medicine combined with the horrendously unsociable hours probably wouldn’t work for me. I thought about becoming a microbiologist (which happens to be my degree specialism) but after spending hours in the lab for some of my degree modules, I decided that nope, not for me.

It was actually a conversation with my orthodontist that first got me thinking about dentistry. I have a habit of pestering people about their jobs, asking whether they like them/what they don’t like etc. and I found through my inquisition that he loves his job. He gets to work with people, improving their self-confidence, he gets to use his creative and scientific skills on a daily basis, he has lots of opportunity to further develop his skills and he doesn’t have to work full time. All of these things hugely appealed to me and for the first time, I considered a career in dentistry.


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